Silkworm Journal: Vol. 2
Silkworm vol1
Name Silkworm Journal: Vol. 2
Type Writings
Location Yin Phase: Manor: West
Records of silkworms kept by Miyoshimaru.

Silkworm Journal: Vol. 2 is a document in Kuon found in the Yin Phase.


June 27

The silkworms have lost their fur. Their bodies are beautiful - shiny and translucent.

I'm worried though, some of them seem weak. They don't move at all.

June 28

Miyoshimaru told me that the silkworms that don't move are just sleeping, and that I don't need to worry. So, silkworms sleep, too!

July 4

I noticed that the silkworms had grown when I looked at them this morning. Though only a few days have passed, they have doubled in size. They grow much faster than people. Miyoshimaru has been so kind to me. I must give him something. I wonder what he'd like.

July 5

I'm going to teach Miyoshimaru to read and write. I tried to give him the little sword father gave me, but he wouldn't accept it.

He's not at all greedy.

Some of the silkworms don't eat very much. They're just like him.

July 10

The silkworms have shed their skins many times, and continue to grow.

They're all so different. Some of them lift up their heads and look around, as though they were thinking. While others crawl all around all day.

A few have died.

July 18

The silkworms do nothing but devour mulberry leaves all day. They've grown so fat. I'm worried they'll burst out of their skins.

Miyoshimaru said they'll be cocoons soon.