Scroll: Exorcism
Name Scroll: Exorcism
Type Writings
Location Yin Phase: Temple: South
Scroll: Exorcism.

Scroll: Exorcism is a document in Kuon found in the Yin Phase.


Long ago, a demon did emerge from the bowels of earth.

It appeared human, but was three meters tall with arms as thick as a woman's waist.

The demon was immortal. Neither swords nor fire could kill it.

One day, a man appeared. He was emaciated and clothed in rags. To the people, who were at their wits' end, he said,

"I will drive that demon away."

The people took one look at the pitiful looking figure and turned away, saying " You would be a fool to embark upon such an enterprise."

The man ignored the people's attempts to stop him. With the hine of a smile on his face, he approached the demon's lair. He pulled a spike from the folds of his clothing and threw it at the demon, penetrating it's flesh, riveting it to the wall. Nailed to the wall, the demon shriveled up and died after seven nights of agony.

The man explained to the people that spikes have the power to suppress demons. He gave them three spikes to use, should the demon reappear, and departed.

The grateful people placed the spikes in the small shrine in the temple, where they have been preserved ever since.