Lord Fujiwara
Kuon-20050823020526274 640w
Kanji 藤原
Romaji Lord Fujiwara
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Weapon N/A
Phase N/A
Occupation N/A
Family Fujiwara family
Lady Fujiwara (wife)
Ayako Fujiwara (daughter)
Fujiwara's Son (son)

Lord Fujiwara (ふじわら) is the lord of the manor and Ayako's father.

Doman used to work in his manor as an exorcist, but left due to his questionable behaviours.


Lord Fujiwara summoned Doman and Abe No Seimei to investigate the strange incidents in his manor.

The night before the investigation, Fujiwara was awakened by some noises. He went out to check it but was killed by a strange woman. His body was placed by her inside the wicker chest so she could merge with him.

Yin & Yang PhaseEdit

In both phases, Lord Fujiwara is encountered in a large room beyond the door with the Earth seal. He guards the bell that will make Ayako open the door of her hiding place.


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