Inspection Report: Vol. 1
Inspection report1
Name Inspection Report: Vol. 1
Type Writings
Location Manor: East bedroom
Report on the inspection of Fujiwara's manor.

Inspection Report: Vol. 1 is a document in Kuon found in the Yang Phase.


March 17

Seimei has ordered me to investigate the situation at Lord Fujiwara's manor, starting today.

Seimei's instructions were vague:

"First, look for spikes. If you see one, you may leave the premises."

March 18

I found someone who knows about the spikes. He claims to be the elder priest of the shrine.

I heard that in ancient times, this shrine was dedicated to a mulberry tree which has three spikes in its trunk. I will go and visit the tree tomorrow.

March 19

I visited the tree today. I saw the holes where the spikes have been, but no spikes were there.

Spikes are used to continue evil.

I wonder what horrible evil they were trying to confine, or even worse... what has been released?