Doman's Note
Domans letter
Name Doman's Note
Type Writings
Location Yin Phase: Available from the beginning
Letter written by Doman dated two weeks prior.

Doman's Note is a document in Kuon found in the Yin Phase.


Dear Utsuki,

I have been summoned by the Lord, who resides in the manor.

I shall be gone for a time. The Lord is aquiring my prayers and skills. He is convinced that his manor is cursed; I believe he has an overly vivid imagination.

Most likely, he saw a rat and mistook it for a creature of the other world. At least, that is what I think. I shouldn't be away for very long, but take care of the shrine in my absence.

You must not forget to take care of the silkworms! Also, I am worried about Kureha's health.

Please watch over her.