Doman's Book: Vol. 2
Domans book
Name Doman's Book: Vol. 2
Type Writings
Location Kuon Phase: Garden: Tree
Document written by Doman. Concerning the mulberry.

Doman's Book: Vol. 2 is a document in Kuon found in the Kuon Phase.


Mulberry trees harbor a powerful spell.

They are living creatures with wills of their own. They live far longer than humans and are much more intelligent.

And I've completed my mission and the time is right, I must subdue those twins once again.

There are many ways to subdue them. Which way would be best ?

Fire annihilates them immediately. But once they are dead, I won't be able to use them again.

I suppose I'll suppress them but keep them alive. I'll use a demon-suppressing spike.

But given their magical powers, one spike may not be enough!

I must remember that the twins are a trivial concern. They're only tools for sorcery.

In this realm, only that woman has the power to resist me.