Ayako Fujiwara
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Kanji 藤原 礼子
Romaji Fujiwara Ayako
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Weapon N/A
Phase N/A
Occupation N/A
Family Fujiwara family
Lord Fujiwara (father)
Lady Fujiwara (mother)
Fujiwara's Son (brother)

Ayako Fujiwara (あやこ) is the only daughter of Lord and Lady Fujiwara. According to the servants, Ayako's beauty is like an angel.

She is the last resident of the Manor before she is killed.


During the break of the disease, Lady Fujiwara sent a letter to Ayako. The lady says that she will go to the shrine and if it is a safe place for them, she's going to take Ayako with her. She is instructed to hide in her closet while her mother isn't back. Her mother will ring a bell if it's time for Ayako to leave her closet, but if she isn't back yet for a few days, Ayako should gather the spikes and disks and proceed to the Shrine.

Yin & Yang PhaseEdit


Sakuya finding Ayako.

When Utsuki/Sakuya found Ayako in her room, she got scared and went to her closet to hide. Utsuki/Sakuya is able to see through the closet at the back of her room because of a small hole in one of the closet's wall. While peeping, Utsuki/Sakuya sees Kureha coming out from under a small cabinet. When Utsuki/Sakuya finds a bell, she rings it outside Ayako's closet making her open the closet door. The protagonist then asks her what exactly happened inside the manor. Ayako says she has no idea, but every nightfall, she hears a song and the hungry roams at night. Shortly, the twins can be heard singing and Ayako gets scared, saying that she feels like someone is going to abduct or kill her everytime she hears it. The Mulberry Twins appeared at the door saying they found her. Afterwards, Kureha attacked Ayako from behind and Utsuki/Sakuya witnesses her death.


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